Sunday, March 18, 2012


Big day around our house yesterday: Trevor learned to tie his shoes.

((Sigh.)) Of joy and of excitement, and a mixture of "Finally!" and "It's going by too quickly."

Last night during our family prayer time, our little guy prayed, "Jesus, thank You that I can tie my shoes now. Thank You for helping my hands to do it. I just love You so much, Jesus."

Thank You for helping my hands to do it. I love that.

Father, I find myself thinking ahead to all You will do in and through this child. Please strengthen Trevor for everything that he will do. Help his hands do all of what You've prepared him to do.

All of it.

Strengthen his hands to comfort people. To hold his future wife and to cradle his children one day. Help his hands to build and bless and fix and teach, and point people toward You.

Thank you for what he was able to accomplish for the first time today--and for every accomplish for which You'll make a way. Amen.



  1. How old is the little guy? What an exciting milestone!! My daughter, 5, is learning, too! :0) It's so exciting. And what a sweet, heartfelt prayer. God bless him!