Sunday, March 4, 2012


On Thursday as I sat outside soaking up the deliciously warm sunshine, I found myself begging the LORD for this one thing: "Can I please feel Your love even greater than the warmth I'm feeling right now?" After a rough couple of weeks, it was the warmth of His favor I longed for.

I was up at 4am today with my answer.

He woke me with the memory of a day when I had a break between college classes and decided to take my dad a special lunch. I made him a delicious chicken dish--my specialty--and a side of creamy rice. I wrapped everything up and drove it over to the school where he teaches.

When I walked into my dad's room, his face lit up like a Christmas tree. He hadn't yet seen what I had done for him--his face simply lit up at the sight of me. When I showed him what I'd brought, he beamed (what an upgra
de over the PB&J he'd packed)! Then he paraded me around with a grin a mile wide, introducing me to co-workers and students, telling them of the lunch I'd made for him.

I went back a few weeks later--this time, empty-handed. I didn't bring him a special lunch. I had nothing to offer him.

But the warmth of his love was still so very much there for me. He still grinned a mile wide when I walke
d in. He still paraded me around, introducing me to co-workers and students, telling them who I was to him. He delighted in me even in my empty-handedness.

And it's the love of my Heavenly Father, too. He welcomes me and receives me with unmatched delight. He announces who I am to Him with a banner over me that shouts

* L O V E ! * She is my beloved! She's mine!

Just as I am, not as I do. He loves me as much when my hands bring nothing to the table as when I arrive with offerings of "Look what I did for you." He brought me to His banquet room, an
d His banner over me is * L O V E *.

You take great delight in me * You quiet me with Your love * You rejoice over me with singing
Numbers 6:26

Thank You, Father. You know I needed this. Even in my brokenness You remind me that I don't need to have an offering in my hand for You to love me. Your love for me is absolutely ridiculous, totally unearned and completely inexplicable, but I am just so grateful for it.


  1. I sure you cannot understand how much I appreciate your blog. Its so uplifting and genuine.

    I'm wiping away tears from reading this post.

    "His banner over me is love" a song from childhood...but yet just as true today.

    Thank You.

  2. Dina, you have such a heart to encourage. You've blessed me often with your words, both here and over at "These Notions." Thanks so much for speaking words of truth, kindness and blessing!

  3. Hi there! I am your newest follower(found you through royal daughter designs) and I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your blogs! They are so raw & real, full of such an adoring love and compassion. They really do bless me, this one especially. Nothing like the feeling of being "LOVED" on and certainly nothing like feeling HIS LOVE down deep into your spirit.