Saturday, March 10, 2012


Yep. I want to be like this woman.

Recognize her? Of course not. But this is Henrietta Mears. And up until a week ago I had never even heard of her, let alone was I able to pick her out of a lineup.

But she impacted the lives of those who are impacting lives.

Like Billy Graham. Perhaps the name rings a bell.

Henrietta Mears was Billy Graham's Bible teacher. She mentore
d him and pointed him toward the truth of the Word over the course of many years.

This makes me want to stan
d up and cheer. This resonates tremendously with me because I feel that my greatest job as a wife and mom is to send Justin and our two children out into the world to make an impact for the Kingdom. I pray often and with great desperation for their impact, and I want them to go and be all about His name and renown. And if I never did anything that anybody knew about, but my husband and children did things for which I have prayed in the name of furthering the Kingdom of God, I'd be plenty fine with that.

But I
do think that although they are most precious to me, my own influence is to be beyond my family. This is what's at the heart of why I felt compelled to put on the event on which I've been working for Dream Year. I honestly believe there are people out there who are not opening their Bibles, and I'm sure they're getting by. But when they do begin to immerse themselves in truth? Look out.

I mean, look out!

I want to do whatever I can to get men an
d women to believe that the Word is for THEM--the lamp unto their feet and the light unto their path. Because when they are so persuaded, I am absolutely convinced that the world will be significantly impacted for the Kingdom. Generations will be impacted. Truth will be taught. Daily lives will be shaped by the instruction of the Word. Divine power will demolish strongholds. And THAT makes me want to stand up and cheer.

No one may ever know your name, or be able to recognize who you are. In 100 years very few of our names will be on the tip of anyone's tongue. We'll be long gone to Heaven, while this world will still need truth.

So--right now--we can be about making the impacts that are going to make the impacts!

LORD, focus our hearts on living with intentionality, making the most of every opportunity in the time you give us. Take what we can do and multiply it to make Your name known, long beyond our lives here. Keep us remembering the ripple effect of truth, and how we can impact others, that they may impact others.


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