Wednesday, August 4, 2010


How would you feel if you spoke and spoke, and those listening to you ended up believing someone else?

I'd think things were exactly as they should be. :)

I was reading in Jonah (which is so much more than "big-fish-swallows-disobedient-man-and-then-spews-him-onto-a-beach-three-days-later," by the way) and found this very scenario.

So in chapter 3 when Jonah finally went to Nineveh (where he should have gone in the first place), he proclaimed the impending doom of their city. So JONAH SPOKE (and oh, I love the next words!!)--


I read that over and over. The Ninevites believed GOD! Not Jonah, even though he was the mouthpiece. They believed God.

And they responded. The king got up off his throne and removed his royal robes--in essence, stripping himself of anything regal to humble himself before a God he and his people had offended. And then he declared that everyone should "call urgently on God" (v. 8) and break from their evil ways.

A messenger spoke the word. And they believed God.

Then they responded.

Lord, this gave me so much joy to read this morning. Thank You! I'm praying this for the upcoming Kickoffs. You've put these words on my heart not so that I will be heard BUT THAT YOU WILL BE BELIEVED on the matter. I don't need anyone to be convinced of what I have to say but of what You desire for them. Please, use the message to compel women to life change because they have believed You have spoken to them. I pray women will respond to YOU and begin consistently meeting with You, simply because they are fully persuaded that it's what YOU long for them. Let life change flow out of what they know You have spoken.

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