Sunday, June 10, 2012


* All My Fountains from Passion 2011.  I can't hear this song without imagining the worship that awaits us in Heaven. 

Among MY gods there is none like You, O LORD (Psalm 86:8).  Yes, I've had gods.  

The home I thought I wanted?  It has lost half its value.

That super cute outfit I had to have?  It takes up residence at the Goodwill now, along with a bunch of other stuff we thought we couldn't do without (but eventually couldn't even sell for two bucks at a yard sale). 

The applause of man that I've sought, and even had?  I've found it to be devastatingly brief, leaving a cavernous want for more.  

My wonderful husband whom I was sure would fill up every empty spot in my soul?  He hasn't been able to.  But he wasn't even meant to, and no other person even could.

Even my children have held a spot on the pedestal of my heart.  But even these precious ones have come up short, disobeyed, and shattered any "My-child-would-never" notions I may have even dared to think.  

But even when I enjoy the home we share, and even when Justin holds me up and loves me as Christ loved the church, and even when my children comply, come through and create the most beautiful expressions of love...

it STILL all pales in light of God's crazy love and goodness.

Every demonstration of love and grace from Justin, every heartwarming moment with my babies, every joyous moment in the fellowship of others, every moment of happiness I derive from something temporal -- every one of these things is small.

Not in and of themselves, but in light of the LORD.

HE does not leave me wanting.

HE does not change.

HE alone is the source of everything that fills me. 

Sustains me.

Heals me.  

HE is the only one.

Beautiful Jesus, all my fountains are in YOU  (Psalm 87:7).


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