Tuesday, June 19, 2012


My sweet friend Denise (Victory Road) just blogged about her really amazing story of redemption, and asked how her readers came to know Christ.  

So, I'm curious...How did you?

I'll be honest, my story is nothing special.  In fact, I am blown away by the sheer unspectacularity (is that a word??) of my conversion story.  Brace yourselves for the non-gory details:

I was a first grader and went to Sunday School with my dad's then-fiance (now wife).  The Sunday School teacher said,

"One day our neighbor's house got broken into while they were out of town, and I prayed and asked God to help me know what to do.  (Long pause.)   Okay!  So who wants to give their life to Jesus?"

My hand shot into the air.  And I prayed my unimpressive, ineloquent 6-year old prayer to the God who heard it.  

That's all, folks.  Doesn't get more interesting than that.

And yet it stuck.  And the Jesus to whom I called out in that shockingly un-shiny moment 29 years ago is the same one I worship today.  

And now I'm married to a God-loving man, raising up a family to know and love God.

I'm growing in the grace and knowledge of my LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ (though I have so very far to go).

I'm putting on a Word-and-Worship Experience event (more to come soon on GodBreathed, coming to the Atlanta area in October). It's coming together in the most ridiculously beautiful way--I can't wait to see the rest of it unfold!

I've always kind of been bummed out at the thought of my "crappy" conversion story.  And yet it stuck!  It took!  And there's fruit today and a beautiful eternal relationship with God because of that so-called "crappy" conversion.

Glory to God...
 Celebrating his Christian Birthday. A favorite tradition in our family
where we celebrate the date of professing faith in Jesus Christ.  =)

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  1. I was four or five. My mom (now an atheist) played piano at our small Pentecostal Holiness church, so I was used to being at every. single. service. One Sunday night, the pastor (my godfather) was preaching about being "born again." I mostly just colored during church or played with my dolls, but I guess I was simultaneously listening.

    After the service I, in my logical sort of way, asked my mom how it was possible to be born twice. She then explained it, and ironically, the same woman that is a strict atheist today is the one who led me to Christ.

    I never thought about that coincidence until just now while I was typing this blog comment.