Friday, June 8, 2012


 I was the tallest kid in my class in 6th grade.

But who cares.  Because I'm only 5'2" now.  And now that I'm mid-30-ish, I don't anticipate any more growth spurts in my future. 

Sure, I may have grown first.  And initially it probably looked like I'd be towering over everybody.  

But how things looked in the beginning was not how they turned out. The shorter kids eventually caught up with me--and then kept right on going!  These days I find that, in most circles, I'm the shortest one.

We can't figure out how tall someone will eventually stand based on what we see in the beginning.  That means something to me today!

It means that the worthless things that appear to have more momentum than the thing of value I'm working on may not eventually stand quite as tall as this now-short thing of God I'm nurturing. 

Keep showing up.  Keep honoring the LORD.  Keep living love.  

And you might just end up the tallest one.